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Super Speedy Search

Super Speedy Search

Instant ajax search results plugin

Search Suggestions

      Key Features

      • Suggests as you type, based on common phrases from your site
      • Finds matching taxonomies and post types – configure how you wish!
      • Ultra fast, tested against multiple 1 million product stores every release
      • Uses multiple fulltext indexes for faster & more relevant results
      • Integrates with our filters plugin to filter categories, brands and attributes by your search string – let your users drill down their search!
      • Customise your search results with weights, rules and display options
      • Supports posts, products and all custom post types and post meta
      • Requires WordPress and MySQL 8 or MariaDB

      We have 60,000 clothing-related products loaded to this demo. Try searching for clothing, fabrics, colours and you’ll see for yourself.

      Ajax Search Results Panel

      When you search (try searching for ‘denim’) you’ll see 3 sections in the ajax results panel:

      Search Suggestions

      These search suggestions are pulled from the most common phrases used in products & posts on your websites

      Taxonomy Suggestions

      These can appear underneath the search suggestions or to the right, depending on the options you choose in our plugin.

      Products/Post Type Matches

      This shows the most relevant products or posts that match your search. There is one section per configured post type.

      The anatomy of the Super Speedy Search ajax search results panel
      The anatomy of the Super Speedy Search ajax search results panel
      0.0749 seconds against 1 million products on a $20 per month server
      0.0749 seconds against 1 million products on a $20 per month server
      Super Speedy Shop
      Super Speedy Shop

      Super fast filters and SEO for WooCommerce

      Key Features

      • Highly configurable
      • Instant taxonomy search
      • Simple drag and drop widget system
      • Extra shortcode widget and above product widget area
      • Lots of display types
      • Popout and popover filter options for cleaner shopping experience

      Great for SEO

      Clean up your URLs and boost your SEO with our Pretty Permalinks.
      • Pretty permalinks and complete URL control
      • Canonical URL control
      • Complete no-index, no-follow control
      • Meta title, meta description and Woo h1 tag control

      Scalability Pro Don't slow down as your site grows

      As it grows larger, prevent your site from slowing down with our Scalability Pro Plugin.
      No more limits on site size, visitors, order amounts, or importing items.

      Our other WordPress plugins These plugins are also included in our demos to let you experiment

      External Images

      Store images remotely. 
      No more slow image imports.

      Auto Infinite Scroll

      Endless scrolling and instant page loading.
      Remove the need for ‘next page‘ buttons.

      Price Comparison Pro

      Scrape prices from other websites.
      Always offer the best prices.

      Want access to wp-admin for this demo?

      Contact us on Discord and we’ll create a clone for you with admin access.

      Ping @Glynnage to get your demo site. 

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